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Finding the Unique in Beginnings & Endings:

Start Here and Don’t Stop Until You’re Finished

Do you begin your narrative with a question? A problem? Conflict or confusion?

The first three paragraphs of a short narrative have to grab your reader’s interest and attention – three pages in a full-length book – or your work will likely be set aside. Seemingly unimportant. Wasted

You know the tale is important. It’s your job to capture the reader’s imagination.

This workshop will address the most important components of narrative beginnings: conflict and specificity, the narrative’s implicit promise, characterizations, and authority. We’ll discuss the techniques other, successful, writers have used to hook their readers, and we’ll provide prompts for you to use as you practice your own beginnings.

Every chapter, every section, every paragraph of your narrative has its own beginning. Each one must take your reader by the hand and lead him or her into the body of your work.

By the end of this one day writing workshop in Edmonton, Alberta, you will have a clear understanding of the need for an excellent beginning, and you will be well on your way.

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