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Finding the Unique Writing Workshops

Our Finding the Unique writing workshops in Edmonton, Alberta are designed for both emerging writers and those with more experience. We keep our class size small, never more than ten people, so we can provide each student with expert, personalized attention.

Individuals who are beginning to create their own family’s memoir may wish to attend one of our Finding the Unique in Family Memoir sessions, where we cover a wide range of topics from character development to background research.

Is your life story waiting to be told? Like a library of stories hidden inside? Writing a memoir is not a simple undertaking: it’s a journey. Come to our Finding the Unique in Memoir workshop.

Writers focus specifically on bringing their main characters to life in our Finding the Unique in Characters workshop.

The scenes that provide a context for the narrative and which draw the reader right into the story are the focus of our Finding the Unique in Scenes & Settings workshop.

Do you want to write your characters’ dialogue so the reader can almost hear the voices? That’s the intent of our Finding the Unique in Dialogue workshop.

Finding the Unique in Beginnings & Endings workshop focuses on those critical first words, sentences, and paragraphs, the ones that lead your reader right into your narrative.

Join us. Let the unique transform your narrative.